Merry Christmas!!!!

December 25th, 2010,

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I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and just to make sure I don't forget any of my friends or family, I would like to wish you all a: insert your language of choice here.Afrikaans: Geseënde KersfeesAfrikander: Een Plesierige KerfeesAfrican/ Eritrean/ Tigrinja: Rehus-Beal-LedeatsAlbanian:Gezur KrislinjdenArabic: Milad MajidArgentine: Feliz NavidadArmenian: Shenoraavor Nor Dari yev Pari Gagh ...

My Birthday Horoscope

December 22nd, 2010,

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It's my birthday today! Here is my horoscope courtesy of Georgia Nichols:Kinda funny but totally makes sense if you know me - I definitely do my homework before a DJ gig (check out the venue, parking, sound system, music prep, etc) and yes I like to think I "know my stuff" on the wheels of steel haha..."Actor Ralph Fiennes (1962) shares your birthday today. You have a quiet confidence. You're ...

East Van Sunday morning 2am

December 20th, 2010,

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East Van

Monk McQueens Party

December 20th, 2010,

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Staff of Jericho Christmas Party, last Christmas party of the season phweeew! Thanks everyone for making it a wild little party - someone requested Snoop/B.I.G. and it all kinda went haywire after that. I managed to take a nice stroll along the seawall before the gig, I forget how beautiful Vancouver is sometimes...Seawall 1Seawall 2

Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver

December 19th, 2010,

Back to DJ at the gorgeous Shangri-La Hotel in downtown Vancouver for a corporate Christmas party, love it here! The cocktail reception and party were on the 6th floor in the Mallinson Room for 50 people. They had their own bar + outdoor patio and made absolute full use of the dance floor, in fact at 1am every single person was still boogying (which makes me very happy)...Merry Christmas Shan ...

Pixar Christmas Party DJ

December 17th, 2010,

Sulley Monsters Inc.Alas, Sulley from Monsters Inc. did not make an appearance but everyone else, including myself had a GREAT time!! An evening semi-formal affair at Brix Restaurant Yaletown and as expected, the food and service were amazing. Pixar Vancouver - thanks so much for choosing me to be your Christmas party DJ.

Envirotest Christmas Party

December 12th, 2010,

Envirotest Canada Christmas Party @ Sheraton Vancouver Richmond Hotel - staying right until the end of the night just the way I like it! 

Contac Solutions Christmas Party

December 11th, 2010,

Four Seasons Hotel Ballroom - definitely one of the biggest Christmas parties of the year for me, over 300 people in attendance. Wow, just calling all of the tables up to the buffet took an hour! A really fun night/morning (dance floor full until 3am)...

Coastal Health Sciences - Christmas Party

December 8th, 2010,

Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, the Cardiology Dept. at Vancouver General Hosptial. A fun crowd and they weren't shy on the dance floor, maybe it was the mysterious shots that were being consumed throughout the night - Happy Holidays!!

Farallon Mining Christmas Party

December 5th, 2010,

Vancouver Club - my 2nd year in a row for Farallon Mining and they always have a surprise up their sleeve. This year they had a salsa lesson/class after dinner courtesy of Dance 4 U and it was awesome to watch! It actually made my night really easy, everyone was dancing away by the time I started to DJ which made for a really fun night and a full dance floor right until the end. Feliz Navidad ...