Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award 2015

January 25th, 2015,

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Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award 2015Wedding Wire Couples Choice Awards 2015.png

The Main Street Vinyl Record Fair

November 19th, 2014,

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The Main Street Vinyl Record Fair is one of the best I've been to, great vendors & deals! Check it out...record fair.JPG

Science World Spinning Beats

September 13th, 2014,

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Science World Spinning Beats.jpg

American Girl Grand Opening Vancouver

May 6th, 2014,

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American Girl Grand Opening Vancouver, located in Chapters Robson on the 2nd floor - I had not been aware of the "American Girl" universe before this past weekend, wow was it ever an eye opener! My day stared at 6:45am for the official grand opening of the first American Girl on Canadian west coast soil with excited kids (and tired parents) - a long day but tons of fun!valley of the dolls 500.jpggoldman & green hair clown 500.jpggreen hair clown & fairy princess 500.jpg

Thank you email from bride!

April 21st, 2014,

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Love this! Getting a quick thank you email like this makes it all worth while, I received this the day after the wedding from the bride - so nice...Thank You Jenny iPhone.jpg

Homemade Record Cleaner Solution

February 26th, 2014,

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If you are cleaning up some old vinyl records I swear by this homemade solution, I've put it to the test on some nasty old 33's lately & it works brilliant! Mix together 99% Isopropanol Alchohol (1/4) Distilled water (3/4) and a couple of drops dish soap into a container, shake it up & wipe down record with a soft cloth + dry off with another. Voila! Good as new...
If you are cleaning up s ...