Wedding Reception Cartoonist

August 30th, 2011,

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Cocktail receptions are a chance for guests to mingle and have a drink for an hour or two post-ceremony. This past Saturday, I worked with a cartoonist who drew hilarious caricatures of the guests during this time - I thought this was a great idea! It broke the ice, created a talking point and lots of laughs, good fun! 300.jpg

Wedding DJ Tip #11

May 11th, 2010,

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One of the bride's worst fears is that the reception party will be dull, the dance floor will be empty and that the guests will leave early.This should be your wedding DJ's worst fear also - make sure you are on the same page. Ask your wedding DJ how they will make sure this doesn't happen...

Wedding DJ Tip #10

April 30th, 2010,

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Find a wedding DJ that fits your style and that you feel comfortable with - essentially a wedding DJ is one of your guests (a guest that you are paying to entertain your other guests!) Feel free to ask to meet up with your DJ and make sure you are on the same page and to make sure all of your questions are answered before your big day.

Wedding DJ Tip #9

April 23rd, 2010,

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Choose a first dance that is short & sweet and reflects your personality! Essentially, a wedding couple's first dance is a photo opportunity for the bride and groom's family/friends - you will have all eyes on you and it can be nerve wracking. I suggest keeping the song to around 3 minutes long (and if you choose to do a crazy dance routine, make sure to practice beforehand).

Wedding DJ Tip# 8

March 31st, 2010,

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Did you know that your wedding DJ not only plays music and sets the mood for your wedding & reception but is also knowledgeable about other wedding details...They will be able to offer suggestions such as pre-ordering cabs if the venue is out of the way, the best wedding photographers/make-up artists to hire, the timings of the first dance & speeches and even the best place to set up the danc ...