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3 Ways To Ensure Your Wedding Reception Will Be A Success

Blog by | March 17th, 2010


I have an ulterior motive why I want your wedding reception to rock! If the dancefloor is packed for the entire night and everyone is having a great time - then your event will look good, which in turn makes me look good...

Simple as that, here are 3 ways I ensure that your reception will be a success.

1. I Listen: I listen to your needs. What music/set up/energy do you want throughout the day? Let's meet up for a consultation to decide what you want (Top 40, Rock, Dance, Classical) I've heard some horror stories in my years in the DJ business of clients not getting what they paid for - one wedding couple even asking the DJ to leave at 11pm because he was playing techno music and no one was dancing. Let's iron out all the details before the event, you only get one shot - let's get it right the first time.

2. I Love All Music: You will love the music! I always ask the wedding couple to send me their favourite songs/artists beforehand & I take requests - I want everyone to have fun & enjoy the music, no one is ever excluded. I guarantee that people will definitely be talking about the great music at your event the next day. Remember: If your event is rockin' then you look good, then I look good.

3. I Deliver: I deliver what you want (consistently!) Check my testimonials or if you need any more proof, let me know & I will provide you referrals of previous clients. I will check the venue before I DJ, be at your event early to set up, do a proper sound check, tape down wires, and be the last one to leave once the party is over and the lights go up. I pride myself in ensuring every event is a success!