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Ipod Wedding

Blog by | June 2nd, 2010

My friend Kim went to an ipod wedding this past weekend (a wedding where instead of a DJ, an ipod was hooked up) and here is the email she sent me about it … 

“It was such a gong show, where to start... people didn't dance, the laptop malfunctioned and the cherry on top was when drunk people started to play with the ipod, choosing what they wanted to listen to which resulted in a bunch of songs played for 30 seconds and then another one starting because they "needed" to hear it”

Personally I think if you are spending all the time, effort and money gathering your closest friends and family in one room on your wedding day you need to ensure things don’t fall apart during the final hurrah. I’m sure the last thing anybody wants is to repeat the above scenario during what should be your big party.