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Gone In 60 Seconds (Brix Risotto)

Blog by | May 6th, 2013

OK I'll be the first to admit when I see pictures of peoples food on Twitter or Facebook - I think "lame" however this is one time I will make an exception...

As a DJ, when I'm working I tend to eat at whatever venue I happen to be at - unfortunately it's really a gamble - sometimes the food is good and sometimes not very good. However when I go to Brix (http://brixvancouver.com) I know I can leave the brown bag with snacks that I have hidden under the DJ booth at home. Most times I will choose the risotto and I've yet to be disappointed, this past Sunday was no exception. I'm talking the kind of risotto that you want to lick the plate clean, the butter, the wine, the mushrooms, the parmesan and all that good stuff! I actually had to go back into the kitchen and shake the chefs hand afterwards - just look at this masterpiece...

risotto may 5th brix.jpg

oh yeah, and here was the starter salad...

salad may 5th brix.jpg

Next time you're in Yaletown pop in and try it, you won't regret it!