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Vancouver Wedding Party!

Blog by | November 30th, 2012

Your wedding should be fun! 

Guests have traveled from all over the city, country, world for your big day. They want to get dressed up, have some good food, socialize and (hopefully) have a great party...

As a DJ, I learned early that the only way for a wedding reception dance party to be a success was to treat it like a "party" not a "wedding". A big, glamourous house party with all your friends, family, work colleagues, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, college friends, highschool friends. When I think of typical wedding music, my mind instantly conjures up horrific images of YMCA, Lady In Red, Cotton Eyed Joe or The Chicken Dance -  there is absolutely no need for this! Even the most dance-hearty members of my family would cringe at the thought of dancing to YMCA, it would completely clear the floor. Instead why not take requests and swap some of those songs for Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, Rihanna or The Rolling Stones. Here are some pics from a fairly epic wedding this past summer. It was July 1st (Canada Day) here in Vancouver so the entire crowd was led in an ear shattering version of "Oh Canada!", the local fire department paid a friendly visit and everyone gathered in the courtyard for the grand exit.

Photos: James Moes Photography
Venue: Brix Restaurant
Date: July 1, 2012

js-wedding-jamesmoes-508 july 1.jpg

js-wedding-jamesmoes-491 july 1.jpg

js-wedding-jamesmoes-471 july 1.jpg

js-wedding-jamesmoes-517 july 1.jpg

js-wedding-jamesmoes-533 july 1.jpg

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js-wedding-jamesmoes-540 july 1.jpg

js-wedding-jamesmoes-541 july 1.jpg

js-wedding-jamesmoes-544 july 1.jpg

js-wedding-jamesmoes-558 july 1.jpg

js-wedding-jamesmoes-564 july 1.jpg

js-wedding-jamesmoes-583 july 1.jpg